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About Us

SMART Safety Manager was created by safety coordinators, safety managers, safety engineers, and others to solve the greatest challenge safety folks have: obtaining the support of management to embrace getting more individuals to embrace improving safety.

What we set out to do was to develop an affordable tool for those responsible for managing a safety program.  We needed a tool that would be easy for anyone to use to consistently obtain more safe behaviors and address more unsafe conditions/concerns.  We wanted a stand-alone tool that did not overwhelm the new user, yet we wanted a tool that would comply with safety management systems worldwide.  We wanted a tool that would stand the test of time and outlive current management.

We started with developing a behavior based safety tool.  Then we expanded into concerns/unsafe conditions as well as an incident reporter.  What we now have developed is a very easy to use tool that can be used by anyone and by any organization – both large and small.  It provides the sophistication of powerful safety management systems yet does not require IT departments to be involved in the installation or maintenance of the tool.  It is not over priced or overly complicated.

Mark Dunwoody, PE, CSP, CIH, our founder, still drives our passion and commitment to Simply Smart Safety’s mission statement:  To achieve safety bliss by involving more employees in the safety process.  He can be reached at markdunwoody@SimplySmartSafety.com and would love to hear your comments.  Let’s get going to improve the world’s attitude toward safety one observation at a time!