About Us

Simply SMART! Safety had it’s beginnings in 2010.  Since the development  of these web based tools, our growth has been exponential.  Within a few very short years, we are expecting to be the dominate provider of easy to use safety management tools which focused simply on increasing safe behaviors and reducing unsafe behaviors and conditions.

The SMART! Safety Manager online tools are the new innovative tools unlike any others!  Simply SMART! Safety’s foundation is based on years of experiences of safety  coordinators, safety mangers, corporate safety manager, process engineers, maintenance managers, and safety consulting.  We have taken the needs of all of these key safety positions and incorporated the best of all of our experiences.  We have developed a tool that will be truly useful for everyone involved with attempting to improve the safety performance of their operations.

Additionally, since these tools were developed with client input and assistance, they are extremely user friendly. They are affordable online tools that can be used by anyone from any PC or mobile device. And although these apps are simple enough to be used by just about anybody, they are so sophisticated that they will continuously help you improve your safety efforts.  Remember, all entries take less than 90 seconds from any smart phone, tablet, iPad, or PC!

If you’re looking to make greater safety strides in your safety efforts, look no further than Simply Smart Safety’s new safety management tools..

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today!  Simply SMART! Safety.  The future of safety.