Schedule Implementation Assistance

Simply Smart Safety is standing by ready to assist you in any of your SMART! Safety Manager apps.  Just give us a call or click on “Contact Us” on the menu bar above to let us know what you are interested in.  We can do on site assistance, webinars, or a combination of both.  From assisting with a single facility to corporate wide implementation, we can jump start your process.

Our goal is to help move your safety program forward by utilizing smart tools that maximize safety performance while freeing up your time and energy.

Already a smart! safety manager app user? Want to obtain more safety improvement index points?

In addition to the smart! Apps implementation assistance, our full service team at simply smart safety, can also assist you with any of the following:

  • LOCKOUT/TAGOUT PROCEDURE WRITING – We write 1000’s of procedures every year.  If you want to get this critical component of your safety program completed now give us a call and have 100% compliant procedures done by true safety professionals.  We can complete most sites in a matter of weeks.  Ask for a sample of our laminated procedures and just imagine having all of your procedures completed and off of your “To Do” list (and obtain even more Safety Improvement Index points to show your management what you have accomplished!)
  • ENGAGED SAFETY WORKSHOPS – Simply Smart Safety’s It’s Your Choice!” Workshops are designed to educate, motivate, and engage everybody to take action to improve safety behaviors and conditions both at work and in their everyday lives. This workshop can dramatically increase the safety involvement of all attendees and those they work/live with forever.  When multiple shifts from all areas of a facility go through this workshop an entire site assessment – by your workforce, is developed as well as very specific solutions and plans of action.
  • JOB SAFETY/HAZARD ANALYSIS/KAIZENS – Simply Smart Safety’s process for developing JSA’s can incorporate a comprehensive review of all work tasks that can include the hazard analysis, personal protective equipment (PPE) assessments, ergonomic assessments and engineering recommendations, as well as clear guidelines for return to work needs.  Our Kaizen events can cover any aspect of the safety process.
  • INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE SERVICES – Air and noise monitoring, needs assessments, and solutions developed by a licensed Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) with a broad engineering background to not only measure your exposures but also to assist in developing strategies to minimize them. Other services such as ergonomic workstation reviews, Job Safety Analysis’s (JSA’s), or development of Lockout/Tagout procedures can be accomplished at the same time as sampling to dramatically stretch your safety budget.
  • HAZARD ASSESSMENTS  – Let us conduct any type of assessment and we will enter it all into our cloud based software
  • BEHAVIORAL BASED SAFETY implementation assistance
  • ERGONOMICS – Services include risk assessment, solution development, new equipment/process design, and any training related to ergonomics – from training engineers to training safety committees to do Ergonomic Job Measurement Systems (EJMSs) or other evaluation tools. Simply Smart Safety Solutions’ ergonomic services are always practical in nature and geared to exactly what you need.
  • PALLET RACK INSPECTIONS/REVIEWS  – Simply Smart Safety’s pallet rack inspection service not only immediately identifies current hazardous situations, but we also have a deep understanding of  the fork trucks/pallet rack process and can provide a detailed roadmap to resolve pallet rack issues.  Our one-hour closing staff meeting will change behaviors toward fork trucks and pallet rack systems forever!
  • OSHA REGULATORY COMPLIANCE – Wide range of services (i.e., assessment, written program & procedure development, implementation, and training) to meet your needs for all major OSHA compliance needs, including: Machine Guarding, Lockout/Tagout (ask about our Easy Step® LOTO procedure development process), Confined Space Entry, and PPE (personal protective equipment) standards.
  • TRAINING PROGRAMS – Variety of highly effective training packages tailored for the needs of industry. Simply Smart Safety’s Training Programs That Work® has been developed to significantly improve training outcomes over our competitors. This training can be customized for your industry and/or locations and includes:  Accident/Incident Investigation, Department Inspections, Safety Team Development, OSHA 10 & 30 hour, Basic Safety, Ergonomics, as well as many others.