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How the SMART Safety Manager works

The SMART Safety Manager was developed so that anyone, anywhere would have access to a world class process to better manage safety – with less time & resources.  We did not want high cost or high complexity of the software to deny any organization access to a powerful safety management app.  This app is very easy to get started with, has tremendous potential to prevent accidents, and at the same time,allows the safety manager/facilitator to make much better use of their time and resources.

Our mission is to change the safety world’s attitude toward safety, one observation/unsafe condition at a time.

It has been developed so that it is easy to use – requires no training, and has a very intuitive user interface from any device.

The SMART Safety Manager app consists of:

  1. The Behavior Observation Manager for super fast recording of Safe/Unsafe Behaviors.
  2. The Safety Concern/Hazard Manager for recording and managing of any unsafe condition or concern.  It also provides the option to rank the risk and prioritize corrective actions.
  3. The Incident Manager for recording and managing near hits (or misses), First Aids, and OSHA Recordables.  When you purchase the SMART Safety Manager you receive access to all three in a seamless product.

The easy to use landing page looks like this:

Within seconds of opening the app and clicking on the “Add New” button you will have a new entry recorded and be on your way to an enjoyable new process to manage your entire safety process.

These are some actual screenshots showing the SMART! App being used on a smartphone.